18 Dec 2014

Rajah & Tann Singapore Brings Intellectual Property A Step Closer to Clean Technology

Rajah & Tann Singapore has collaborated as a key partner with ReEx Capital Asia and DNV GL Clean Technology Centre in establishing IPEx Cleantech Asia, an Intellectual Property (IP) assisted Brokerage Platform within the low carbon technology (LCT) space to bolster the transfer and deployment of LCT products to developing Asia while mitigating climate change. This is a first-of-its-kind in Asia where the match-making platform provides benefits of both affordability and accessibility to technology holders and acquirers in the emerging markets.

 In this collaboration, Rajah & Tann Singapore will conduct IP due diligence and advise on a broad range of IP strategies to facilitate the partnering of represented interests across Asia in solar, energy storage, energy efficiency and waste to energy. This partnership provides the impetus needed to fast track the growth of the technological footprint in Asia through the transfer of advanced low carbon technologies in an environment of increasing recognition on intellectual property rights.

 “IPEx Cleantech Asia based in Singapore is well-positioned in today’s global economy to create new companies and bring together various groups seeking shared innovation and environmentally friendly technologies to address climate change. Rajah & Tann seeks to enhance that regulatory framework where most commercially valuable technologies work and get developed. We will continue to develop our expertise through this platform and bring the technologies closer to commercialisation to impact both economy and society,” said Mr Lau Kok Keng, Head of Intellectual Property, Sports and Gaming at Rajah & Tann Singapore.

According to a news report issued by infoDev/World Bank Group[1] in collaboration with the Carbon Trust, investments in clean technologies in emerging markets are estimated to generate significant growth exceeding US$6 trillion, of which US$1.6 trillion represents business opportunities for small and medium enterprises. With Asia positioned as the marketplace for acquiring cutting-edge clean technology, Rajah & Tann Singapore will continue to build on its strengths in providing complex IP advisory services to key stakeholders in today’s knowledge-based economy.


[1] “Building Competitive Green Industries: the Climate and Clean Technology Opportunity for Developing Countries http://www.infodev.org/infodev-files/green-industries.pdf