Welcome to Rajah & Tann

Rajah & Tann has grown to be one of the largest full service law firms in Singapore, providing full service and high quality advice to an impressive list of clients. We have more than 360 lawyers, many ranked among the very best in their specialist practice areas.

We're delighted that Rajah & Tann consistently wins high praise from objective observers - for example, having recently been recognised as the Best Asian Law Firm by the International Legal Alliance Summit.

Despite such accolades, and our continued rapid growth, we're far from complacent. In recent years, our most important strategic goal has been to widen the scope of our services further, by establishing Rajah & Tann as a true regional legal powerhouse, capable of delivering exactly what our clients want, wherever and whenever they need it.

With the launch of Rajah & Tann Asia - a single team bringing together leading law firms and lawyers in ten countries - that vision has become a reality ...

At the leading edge of Asian law, and unrivalled for responsiveness

Throughout our history, we've been at the leading edge of Asian law, having worked on many of the biggest and highest profile cases in the region. As a result, we've developed an instinctive understanding of the issues, opportunities and challenges facing those doing business here.
We're equally proud of our reputation for responsiveness. With Rajah & Tann, you don't just benefit from the advice of brilliant individual lawyers; we're all about collective excellence.

High flyers . . . and home advantage

Our aim is to ensure that every client has access to the skills, expertise and commitment of all our people. It's a truly collaborative approach to the practice of law, based on the simple principle of "whatever best serves our clients' interests".

In terms of the quality and scope of our legal and commercial expertise, we have highly talented and well-regarded lawyers dedicated to delivering the very highest standards of service across all our practice areas.

And now, through Rajah & Tann Asia, we are able to offer clients precisely the same standards throughout our region. Wherever you do business in Southeast Asia, we're here to give you "home advantage".

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