At Rajah & Tann, we see the bigger picture. Since the firm's earliest days, we've consistently worked to make a difference in the wider world. And today we fulfil our responsibilities to the community and the environment through an active and varied CSR programme. As a responsible corporate citizen, we understand that success is not just measured in terms of case files and contracts.

With offices in Singapore, China, Malaysia, Lao PDR, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar, Rajah & Tann has a footprint which stretches throughout Asia. We are thus in a unique position to extend our aid beyond local shores, bringing our support to those in need on a wider regional scale. So as we move forward, we make sure we don’t lose sight of the big picture: We may be a body corporate, with arms across Asia and a mind for growth, but it is the community which is, quite literally, at the heart of the matter.