There is a global shift from a paradigm focusing mainly on economic development to a more sustainable one – where Environmental, Social and Governance considerations are balanced with the pursuit of development and an improved quality of life. Climate change and social and economic problems can affect lives and livelihoods and the recognition of such problems is rapidly changing the mindsets of governments, businesses and the general population. Consumer behaviour has shown inclination towards sustainable products and services. Laws and regulations and investment policies are put in place to bring about meaningful, measurable and impactful change for a better and more sustainable world.

At Rajah & Tann, we understand that a better world does not come easy, and it involves navigating complex and wide-ranging issues. There may be legal or regulatory obligations. There may be board or stakeholder requirements for compliance with international goals, standards and frameworks. There may be the voluntary adoption of internationally-recognised principles and framework as a commitment by the businesses to manage environmental and social risk. We understand how the multi-layers of policies, regulations, principles and frameworks have to be aligned, consistent and operationally workable. 

We can help you  

We are amongst the pioneers in Singapore when it comes to matters to do with environmental advisory, business conduct and corporate governance and other sustainability issues. We are proud to have been involved in many "first of its kind" transactions, ranging from the green and sustainable financing, sustainable investment, renewable projects and sustainable technology.

With our deep expertise and experience, we will help you unpack and reconcile the different global standards and regulations on ESG factors in your sustainability journey. Beyond regulatory compliance, we will bring in our expertise in tax, corporate and capital markets, funds, infrastructure, international arbitration, technology, to name a few – because we have seen how various issues pan on the transactions we have worked on. We can help you address the commercial aspects and economic objectives of the transactions, and at the same time fulfil the legal and technical requirements set out in the various ESG principles and guidelines.

Our Sustainability Practice covers a full spectrum of ESG issues across the following non-exhaustive areas:

We have integrated expertise. We are accessible.

Being part of a full-service firm with integrated practices means that our clients have access to the experience and skills of all our lawyers across the full spectrum of legal practices. Our Practice works closely with the other lawyers in the firm and the Rajah & Tann Asia network to provide clients with a comprehensive, multi-jurisdictional and quality service.

We are accessible whenever you need us. We work efficiently and deliver value – placing great importance on allocating the right lawyer to the right task to ensure high quality yet cost-effective service.

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