The gaming and gambling industry is continually developing and evolving, creating both new market opportunities and challenges. Achieving success in a gaming and gambling law practice is a result of specialised knowledge of the industry and its needs, how best to apply legal expertise to meet and address such needs. We are here to help our clients overcome the regulatory and administrative challenges that they may face, and advise on effective market entry strategies and the necessary regulatory compliance requirements within the industry.

Since 2002, our lawyers have been actively involved in representing and advising clients within the industry. We have arguably the most experienced gaming law practice in the region. We have, through our work, acquired an extensive and practical understanding of various lottery, gaming and betting operations and products, and are equipped to apply that domain knowledge to the work products that we generate.


We advise on the legal and regulatory aspects of product conception, product development, devising of game rules, setting up of betting accounts and e-payment procedures, product launch, product distribution (including regulatory restrictions on retail outlet operations), prize claims and disputes over prize entitlements. We have also rendered legal support work such as the listing of casino operations, vetting of leases, IT contracts, distribution, licensing and supplier contracts, intellectual property issues, online banking issues, tax issues, consultancy contracts, sponsorship contracts and dispute resolution.

We assist in the provision of gaming services over multiple platforms including over the Internet. through mobile devices, and in land-based environments. In addition, we have worked with foreign and offshore private gaming operators, including UK, Macau and Australian land-based casinos, a cruise ship casino and international gaming operators who offer online gaming, lotteries and sports betting products. We have helped companies desiring to enter the gaming industry undertake due diligence, feasibility studies, regulatory analysis, enlisting back-end and front-line operational support, and advise on contractual arrangements with gaming vendors and suppliers.


We assist in the drafting of local and foreign gambling laws and regulations, and have helped establish the legal framework governing legalised sports betting in Singapore. For example, in 2002, we advised the state operator on the implementation of a legalised betting system for the FIFA World Cup 2002 matches. This was the first time Singapore had allowed legalised betting on foreign football matches. Following from this breakthrough, we then helped set up the legal infrastructure for betting on foreign football leagues (starting with the English Premier League and then gradually extending to the Italian, Spanish, German and all other professional football leagues around the world), and international competitions like the UEFA Championships and Copa America, and international friendly matches. This involved us drafting the exemptions under the Betting Act, advising on intellectual property issues relating to use by bookmakers of fixture lists, statistics and 3rd party commercial rights, drafting rules for participation in betting, reviewing prize structures, claim procedures and regulatory compliance issues, advising on rollout implementation, and reviewing game rules for each bet type on offer.

We helped set up the legal infrastructure relating to account betting. This involved negotiating with banks and payment service providers for facilitating betting through accounts created with the bookmaker and linked to the customer’s nominated bank accounts, drafting terms and conditions for account betting, and resolving transactional matters, including live betting and prize claim issues.

In 2008, when Singapore hosted the first Formula 1 night race, we helped set up the legal infrastructure for betting on Formula 1 races. This extended beyond the Singapore Grand Prix to all races on the F1 Circuit.

Recently, we helped a foreign government review its antiquated laws on gambling as part of a law reform exercise, and crafted amendments to its laws to regulate online gambling.


We have advised social clubs on jackpot machine licensing, had worked with various interested bidders in relation to the Singapore Integrated Resorts tender for the Marina Bay and Sentosa sites, and had advised on gaming and sports betting advertising regulations for various Asia Pacific jurisdictions. We also advised a state operator on the implementation of responsible gaming policies and know-your-customer principles in compliance with anti-money laundering policies, and had assisted in a foreign commission of inquiry into the suitability of a casino to continue to hold a gaming licence.


We advised a gambler who had lost a significant sum of money through gambling at one of the two Integrated Resorts in Singapore of his recourse against the casino for failing in its duties under the Code of Practice for Responsible Gambling. We successfully defended a state lottery operator against claims for prize monies brought by a punter on multiple scratch and win lottery cards. We also acted for a gaming operator in taking enforcement action against spoof websites and domain name squatters, and had advised a bookmaker on claims by a UK entity seeking license fees for the use of football fixture lists.


Other gaming law related work we have done include the following:

  • Advising on the applicability of gaming laws and regulations governing offshore gaming operations
  • Advising various gambling software developers on business operations in Southeast Asia
  • Advising an Asian horse racing club on commingling arrangements with the Singapore Turf Club
  • Advising on regulatory aspects of establishing an Asian football competition by a state lottery operator
  • Structuring legal documentation and terms of participation for online betting, online casino and online betting exchange services
  • Advising on incorporation issues and shareholder issues in international gaming ventures and related regulatory concerns
  • Advising an overseas horse racing club on regulatory issues relating to the broadcast of horse races in Singapore
  • Advising an underwriter on the listing of the Genting casino in Malaysia
  • Advising on a reverse takeover of a Singapore-listed company through the injection of a Macau casino business into the Singapore-listed company
  • Advising on gaming licence application processes in overseas jurisdictions such as Gibraltar, Vanuatu, Aldernay, Malta, Antigua/Barbuda, Kahnawake (Canada), Cambodia and the Philippines
  • Advising on acquisitions of and joint ventures with foreign lottery and betting operations
  • Advising on licensing and regulatory compliance issues under the Casino Control Act
  • Advising online payment service providers on Singapore law requirements