Foreign Investment Approvals

We have represented numerous foreign and multinational corporations across a wide spectrum of sectors that have established business operations in Singapore. This area of our practice covers an entire range of services from strategic planning to establishing a business in Singapore, including advising on day-to-day operations, as well as acquisition and disposal of businesses.

For a multinational or foreign corporation planning to operate in Singapore, it is important to select the most appropriate form of business entity that matches the intended business objectives, such as a wholly-owned subsidiary, joint venture, branch or liaison office. In this regard, we provide our clients with advice in making such a selection, preparing all necessary documentation for any government approvals, and assisting in obtaining such approvals on a timely basis.

Our team of dedicated lawyers is well versed in working across industries and navigating the regulations associated with FDI frameworks. We have substantial experience in advising on joint ventures and foreign investments for both domestic and international clients, including structuring investments, advising on inter-shareholder rights, carrying out due diligence, advising on transfer and valuation of assets (including stamp duty issues and exemptions), taxation and employment advice, drafting, reviewing and negotiating joint venture documents, advising on trademarks, patents, copyrights in terms of protection of the intellectual property rights, and advising on compliance with regulatory requirements.

In addition to strategic advice, we have been involved in applications to regulatory and governmental authorities for incentive schemes, advise on regulatory and compliance issues, and providing corporate secretarial services (through our corporate secretarial team) which includes company incorporation, provision of registered office and business address, and immigration services.

Once a business entity is established, we provide a full range of post-establishment and related services, including advising on additional capitalisation, debt issuances, change of business entity, public offerings, office or factory site location and leasing, and commercial agreements relating to outsourcing, licensing arrangements, manufacturing, distribution and franchising.

Many foreign corporations have relied on joint ventures to penetrate the Singapore market while gaining immediate local expertise at the same time. We have extensive experience in advising on joint ventures and strategic alliances, and have advised on numerous major cross-border joint ventures in Singapore. In addition, we have handled many smaller-scale joint ventures, advising foreign investors as well as domestic companies.

Our deep understanding of the law, sound commercial mindedness and comprehensive experience in establishing and providing on-going services to joint ventures allows us to provide special insight into problems and issues that arise frequently and that the foreign investor or the domestic company should take into account, including among others, issues relating to corporate governance and dispute resolution.