Environmental Law

Environmental law is a highly specialised area of law and our lawyers have the depth and expertise to advise on such matters. There are myriad environmental legal issues that can arise from a business’s normal day-to-day activity – sometimes without the business being aware. These range from unauthorised release of what are regarded as pollutive elements into the environment, unlawful waste management measures locally and/or cross-border, to failure to comply with requirements to register products having impact on the environment with the applicable authorities, etc. Environmental law also intersects with trade law and employment law, amongst others, and businesses must ensure that its workplace health and safety duties are properly complied with in such context, as must a careful review of movement of products and waste across boundaries.

In Singapore, environmental issues remain an area of key focus, despite the focus on regulation at source. With heightened global recognition of climate issues and enhanced enforcement of cross-border environmental and waste management concerns, the Singapore authorities have enhanced regulation and enforcement in the area. There are serious consequences on businesses that fail to comply.

Our clients operate across a broad spectrum of sectors, including government and statutory bodies, environmental engineering corporations, energy generation and distribution, manufacturing, data centres and pharmaceuticals. We have advised in an extensive variety of matters relating to environmental compliance, licensing, regulations. 

Our team of legal experts has been involved in several advisory and due diligence projects, including in relation to the sale of the three Electricity Generation Companies in Singapore. We advise extensively in a variety of matters involving environment, health and safety (EHS) matters, from poisons, dangerous goods to hazardous substances, from fire safety, facility permits and product licensing requirements to all forms of air, water, land and noise pollution, as well as waste management issues. We also advise clients on reporting requirements, carbon emissions and trading issues, an important area of environmental law.

Workplace Health & Safety

Workplace health and safety compliance remains an important aspect for all businesses. Employers must ensure a safe workplace for workers. We help our clients evaluate the impact of their businesses and day-to-day processes on the environment as well as their workers, assess their liabilities, and help evaluate risk management strategies.

For example, we advise on issues relating to their employees’ management, storage and handling of chemicals, hazardous substances, dangerous goods and flammable goods, radioactive products and other potentially harmful materials. We advise on the proper procedures relating to emergency spills and employees’ proper training.  


Beyond these, our experience includes advising various foreign corporations on health and safety aspects of directors’ duties and responsibilities as well as on issues and laws that present potential harm to stakeholders from a public health and safety perspective, including without limitation all aspects of healthcare and pharmaceutical laws.


Highlights of our experience:

  • Advising global MNCs in setup of data centres and compliance requirements on waste management and other issues.
  • Advised a large MNC on export of hazardous waste vis-à-vis the Basel Convention.
  • Advised a large laboratory services company on management of radiation leakage in the workplace.
  • Advised and acted for Swire SITA in relation to compliance with environmental laws and regulations relating to the waste treatment and recycling in Hong Kong, and in proceedings before the Environmental Protection Appeal Board.
  • Advised a semiconductor company on their key environmental discharge, including effluents, air and noise pollution concerns.
  • Advised on noise pollution issues in relation to the future operations of the Sports Hub in Singapore.
  • Advised a multinational pharmaceutical corporation in its acquisition of another pharmaceutical company, on all environmental and health related permit requirements in Singapore.
  • Advised a large manufacturing plant on soil and ground water contamination and steps to remedy the problem.
  • Advising on incorporation of and drafting suitable environmental law warranties and indemnities in joint venture and acquisition agreements.

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