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Jared Kok


Practice Area:

Appeals & Issues
Commercial Litigation
International Arbitration

LLB (Hons), National University of Singapore
Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore

T +65 6232 0112

Jared undertakes a broad range of work in the areas of commercial litigation and arbitration. 


Jared is an experienced commercial dispute resolution lawyer who has practiced at two of Singapore’s top-tier dispute resolution firms. He regularly acts as lead counsel and has also worked with pre-eminent senior counsel. He is well-versed at handling trial, appellate, arbitration and advisory matters.

He has acted for a wide range of businesses, financial institutions, government-linked entities and high-profile individuals.

His practice focuses on shareholder and joint venture disputes, commercial fraud and investigations, and asset protection and recovery.

Here are some examples of the matters that Jared has handled:

Shareholder and Joint Venture Disputes

  • Acted as lead counsel in cross-appeals before the Singapore Court of Appeal arising from the termination of a biomass services arrangement: CA/CA 155/2017; CA/CA 157/2017. 
  • Acted as lead counsel in a trial arising from a dispute over a biomass services arrangement: HC/S 468/2015.
  • Represented a majority shareholder in arbitrations arising from a joint venture to construct, develop and operate an integrated marina, residential and commercial development in MoDao Island, China: SIAC Arb 48/2018; SIAC Arb 70/2018.
  • Represented a substantial shareholder in a dispute over the management control of a Singapore public listed company: HC/S571/2017.
  • Represented shareholders in multiple proceedings arising from a joint venture dispute over a cross-jurisdiction production and supply chain for polymer parts used in the manufacture of high-end consumer electronics: HC/S236/2017; HC/S 238/2017; HC/S 910/2017; HC/S 312/2018. 
  • Represented shareholders in a joint venture dispute over the construction and development of a mix-use property development known as the Capitol Singapore: HC/OS 1007-9/2016; HC/CWU 72-4/2016. 
  • Represented the Majority Shareholders in a Court ordered buyout of the interest of Minority Shareholders: HC/S 125/2014.

Commercial Fraud and Investigations

  • Represented a high-profile family in an arbitration involving a US$2.4 billion fraud claim arising from the sale of a pharmaceutical company: ICC Case No. 19074/CYK. 
  • Represented the liquidators of a company in claims against its former directors and senior employees for losses caused by mismanagement and corruption: HC/S 1067/2015.
  • Represented a Malaysian listed company and its Singapore subsidiary in defending fraud and conspiracy claims brought by the Singapore Comptroller of Income Tax: HC/S 350/2014; CA/CA 189/2015.

Asset Protection and Recovery

  • Advised a Cayman segregated portfolio company in a dispute concerning the management of US$600 to US$800 million in assets. 
  • Represented a commodities trading company in numerous arbitration and litigation proceedings in connection with claims arising from the actions of a rogue trader: HC/S 227/2017; HC/S 362/2017; SIAC Arbs 143 to 202/2017; SIAC Arb 216/2017; SIAC Arb 188/2018.
  • Represented secured creditors of the OW Bunker Group in numerous arbitration and litigation proceedings in connection with the recovery of assets secured under a US$700 million credit facility following the collapse of the group. 

Financial Services Disputes

  • Represented a project development company in defending a claim for payment for financial advisory services in relation to the development of a US$2 billion aromatic chemicals plant: CA/CA 95/2013; CA/CA 97/2013. 
  • Represented a local bank in defending claims for misrepresentation and contravention of the Financial Advisers Act: HC/S 232/2017. 
  • Represented a private bank in defending against claims for unauthorized currency trading: HC/S 125/2011. 
  • Represented a Malaysian government linked company in pursuing a claim against an Indonesian government linked insurer under a credit insurance policy: SIAC ARB 011/10/MM.

Construction Disputes

  • Represented a subsidiary of a Singapore listed company in a dispute arising from the construction and development of energy and desalination facilities in Salalah, Oman: ad-hoc arbitration governed by UNCITRAL Rules. 
  • Represented a subsidiary of a Singapore listed company in a dispute concerning the provision of EPC services in respect of a lamella clarifier plant: HC/S 965/2012. 
  • Assisted in proceedings concerning a dispute over the non-supply of ready mix concrete in the wake of the 2007 Indonesian sand ban: CA/CA 160/2009. 


  • Advised the Inquiry Committee of a government linked company on investigations into a sexual harassment complaint made against a senior board member. 
  • Acted as lead counsel for a project development company in the trial involving an employment dispute: DC/S 3012/2012/H. 
  • Represented an advertising company in a trial involving the enforcement of restrictive covenants and payment of employee benefits: HC/S 353/2012; HC/S 409/2012. 
  • Acted as lead counsel for former employees of a security firm in an employment dispute: HC/S 671/2010.
Reported Decisions
  • Biofuel Industries Pte Ltd v V8 Environmental Pte Ltd [2018] SGCA 28
  • Biofuel Industries Pte Ltd v V8 Environmental Pte Ltd [2017] SGHC 184
  • BASF Intertrade AG Singapore Branch v H&C S Holding Pte Ltd [2017] SGHCR 10
  • ARX v Comptroller of Income Tax [2016] SGCA 56
  • Precious Shipping Public Co Ltd v OW Bunker Far East (Singapore) Pte Ltd [2015] SGHC 187
  • Choo Liang Haw (alias Choo Liang Hoa) v Chua Seet Mui [2015] SGHC 47
  • Member, Singapore Academy of Law
  • Member, Law Society of Singapore