Integrated Regulatory

Regulatory work is different. It demands an eclectic mix of creative input, relevant experience and a good understanding, not just of administrative law but also the way specific regulators tend to act and react. Our unique approach ensures our clients receive all of the above, and more . . .

With a pool of over 100 lawyers, all highly experienced in this area, our Integrated Regulatory Practice is a formidable force, whether acting for regulators or for corporations and individuals needing to engage different regulators at various stages of an often complicated administrative process.

Over the years, we have acquired the breadth and depth of experience to handle cases which range from routine to highly complex, in both contentious and non-contentious settings.

A unique approach

Our unique approach to regulatory law sets Rajah & Tann apart from the competition. Unlike many other law firms which adopt either an “industry only” or “practice area only” approach to regulatory work, Rajah & Tann is committed to providing clients with a service team able to integrate specialised areas of legal expertise with specific industry knowledge.

For instance, a competition law team well versed in merger control regulations in a specific industry would add significant value to a specialist M&A team, providing the client the near-seamless delivery of all the necessary advice in a corporate acquisition. Equally, we recognise that it is important for a lawyer with the requisite prosecutorial and enforcement skills to be brought in early in a potential infringement allegation to provide input before the point at which an impasse with the regulator results.

A more integrated structure

This free-flow of knowledge and experience between specialist groups ensures our clients access to the best possible team of lawyers for the work at hand. In addition, the way our Integrated Regulatory Practice is structured offers clear benefits when dealing with cross-jurisdictional issues between more than one regulator or in cases involving multi-regulated markets.

Exceptional insight

We believe that representing regulators (including international bodies such as the UN and the World Bank) does not always pose a conflict of interest problem. In fact, we have gained valuable insight from such work on how certain issues are regarded by regulators, which is often helpful in deciding on the most productive approach to specific issues. We can also draw upon the “inside knowledge” of a number of our lawyers who have consulted with, or worked in-house for, various statutory boards and governmental ministries.

Even within specific industries, today’s clients demand from their lawyers an integrated advisory and enforcement capability. In the area of Financial Services, for example, we help clients understand and manage the complex risks and regulatory environment that surrounds their industry through tailored impact assessments, bespoke training courses, interpretative guidance and compliance support.

Unmatched regulatory focus

The Integrated Regulatory Practice “Headquarter” serves as the focal point for organising regulatory work within the Firm. Its aim is to ensure that Rajah & Tann remains ahead of the field in this complex area of law.

Using a “Hub-n-Spoke” approach, our team HQ pools and assigns resources for regulatory work as efficiently as possible, to ensure each client receives maximum benefit from our combined experience, shared information and precedents.

IRP Chart.jpg 

A leading edge philosophy

R&T’s Integrated Regulatory Practice also believes strongly in the benefits that come with staying at the forefront of regulatory work. Shaping legislative and regulatory initiatives through the public consultations the Firm involves itself with ensures the Firm keeps itself at the leading edge of various practice areas. Examples of this philosophy being acted upon include our having applied ourselves to many changes seen in the Financial Services regulations, the first few historic cartel cases brought before the Competition Commission of Singapore and the latest developments unfolding in the Gambling and Gaming sector.

Client benefits

The integrated approach enables clients to “one-stop shop” for all their regulatory needs.
This free-flow of knowledge and experience between specialist groups, ensures our clients access to the best possible team of lawyers for the work at hand.
Appropriate transactions and projects can benefit from the early detection of key regulatory issues to minimise surprises and increase certainty of process.
The way the Integrated Regulatory Practice is structured is the best model to adopt when dealing with cross-jurisdictional issues between more than one regulator or in cases involving multi-regulated markets.
Specialist teams within the same Firm working together bring about time and cost savings.
Practice areas

Our IRP offers clients a complete range of expertise and experience in the following areas of law.

  • Aviation & Airports
  • Charities, Religious Affairs & Social Services
  • Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility
  • Communications, Media & Technology
  • Competition & Trade
  • Education
  • Employment, Labour & Trade Unions
  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • Environment, Climate Change & Sustainable Development
  • Financial Services Risk & Regulatory
  • Gambling & Gaming
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Investigations, Enforcement & Appeals
  • Land, Buildings & Construction
  • Land Transport
  • Professional Bodies
  • Shipping, Admiralty & Ports
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Tax & Wealth Planning