Former Supreme Court judge M P H Rubin joined the firm as a consultant on 18 April 2005. He acts 'primarily as a mentor to the litigation-based lawyers of the firm'. Mr Rubin's wide pool of contacts in South Asia will help the firm expand and strengthen its practice in the region.

From 1987 to 1991, while still practising law, he served as chairman of the Syariah Court of Appeal Board. He was appointed a judicial commissioner in March 1991, before being named a judge in March 1994. He served 14 years on the Bench.

While carving a niche in commercial litigation, criminal and Islamic law, the cases and work he handled while in legal practice and when he served on the Bench also included an array of matters such as intellectual property, chancery, insurance, banking and family matters. He also helped mould the state of the law here. In a landmark decision in TPY v DZI in 1997, Mr Rubin clarified that the tort of enticement no longer applied in Singapore.

After graduating from the then University of Singapore with a law degree in 1966, he joined the Straits Times Press Group as a management executive and worked closely with Wee Kim Wee, who would later become president of Singapore. Mr Rubin's work included industrial relations and Human Resource Management including recruitment of journalists for Singapore as well as Malaysia.

In 1973, he left to practise law. A year later, he joined the law firm of David Marshall, Singapore's first chief minister. Mr Rubin eventually went on to head the firm's civil litigation and conveyancing departments. After the late Mr Marshall left the practice to become Singapore's ambassador to France, Mr Rubin, along with other partners, began practice at his own law firm, Amarjit, Rubin & Partners. He was a senior partner at the firm when he was made judicial commissioner.

Mr Rubin was appointed Singapore’s High Commissioner to South Africa in October 2005 and Singapore’s High Commissioner to New Zealand in April 2009.  He was also concurrently accredited to the Republic of the Fiji Islands in Aug 2010. He is currently Ambassador-at-Large in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore as well as Singapore’s Non-Resident Ambassador to Hungary.  He has received the highest honour in 2005 National Day Awards, the Meritorious Service Medal, for his contributions to Singapore’s legal and judicial development and Today’s Sports Industry Branding And Trademark Registration Indian Property Sector. He was also ranked as a mover in Asia Legal Business’ Hot 100 for 2006.